About Us


Art And Creativity

Art and Creativity is nothing but the way of expressing ones thoughts, views perception about the surroundings. Every day we see and listen beautiful things but we miss to recognise all these. Artist and a creative person recognise all these and express all these in the various forms be it in Photography, Music,Paintings, Sculptures, Designs and various Mega structures. 

Our Approach

My approach is simplicity. “Most complicated skill is to be simple” is my motto, be its teaching ,surgery,  medicine, photography, paintings.

Our Story

It’s very simple, deliver what you have committed. Explain all possibilities to the person in front of me and let him decide whether he wants to deal with me or not. 



Meet the Team



Founder & CEO

Here is one tricky comment I want to say and every one must have read from the childhood days”Necessity is the mother of invention”

But why I am quoting this here? This is my fourth webite with the same domain name. For the first two I paid for development but never got backup support and one shut the site to extract more money to upgrade the software. Third time I tried my hands on it and it was a success but after  2 years of  making, hosting site developed problem and was closed down along with my money and site. This is my fourth attempt and is ready with some basic features. If it works advanced features can be purchased and added. Being a surgeon its not my field still I managed to make it work. I need suggestions from those who visit this site to make it more user friendly. There is a contact form, anybody can contact me regarding any second opinion about medical problem, photography,painting,new ideas on various topics. Thanks for visiting, please leave your comments and suggestions and subscribe for newsletter and blogs.