Are we alone on this universe?

My belief is straight way no.

Age of universe is in billions of years and the life appeared on this earth some few hundred million years back. We know the fact the basic building blocks of both living and non livings are atoms and sub atomic particles. Of living DNA and RNA are the building blocks that carry information about the life from one generation to another. With so much advancement we are still not in a position to build a single cell from these building blocks, though we can think of modifying the already existing cells by modifying the DNA and RNA composition. We still don’t know the whole meanings of human cell DNA. There are many hidden codes which are to be deciphered.

With all the changes that are taking place around us natural as well as manmade, there is a future danger of existence of human life on this earth. This lead to the search for locations where human civilization can be relocated.

This is true that even if confirmed place exists in this universe for our existence, there is no means to transfer humans there because of their short life span as compared to the time required to reach there. Fastest speed we can measure is the speed of light, so we have to travel on light waves…………………in what form………………in a dematerialized form that may take few years to thousands of years to reach there.

Now think many earths might have formed far before our earth and living beings there evolved millions of years before our appearance, they must be too advanced to transport life to anywhere in this universe. Similar threat they must have faced and in a quest for other relocatable places, they must have left the information in the form of self replicating DNA on this earth. With different atmospheric conditions at different places those materials (DNA) evolved into different living beings, or quite possible DNA of all the existing living creatures left by them including all flora and fauna.


Now we search the NANO Science literature, we will find various reasons how this will change our life, and how it will be a threat to human civilization too.

Here we imagine creating anything from the building blocks that is atoms and other subatomic particles. Instead of large manufacturing plants NANO plants will be there which can be easily carried away from one place to another. NANO ROBOTS will do the wonders. These ROBOTS will be there in everything we use for daily life. Like tooth paste with NANOBOTS can remove the plaques repair any damaged gums teeth. Self healing paints, knives that never will require sharpening, NANOBOTS diagnosing any deviation from the normal at molecular level and will repair at atomic or subatomic levels. Natural NANOBOTS are still there in all living beings, like many killer cells, self replicating DNAs, immune cells which cannot tolerate foreign bodies in the body and can remove them from the body by various processes. NANOBOTS are also foreign to human immune system and we have first to fight this. Living examples are there, many flukes and parasites stay in the body system without generating immune response. Other imagination is self replicating NANOBOTS, which possibly can someday overtake humans too.

In such a small span of human existence we can think and make such possible advances, then think if some life existed millions of years ahead of us, how much advanced that would be.

Finally my imagination is, life actually originated somewhere else and it was relocated here on this earth. We could just be self replicating creatures relocated by the originals in a quest to save their existence . They must have know that all the existing living beings are necessary for the existence. Even if we think of relocation we must think of other living beings also, not only the human beings because we are the part of the whole echo system and can’t imagine human survival without the existing echo system.


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