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Mera Bachpan/ My Childhood

We are in a digital media time when most of our clicks remain in the hard drive and some times its too difficult to save and organise them. We can do this for you in a chronological order in a file format of your requirement, that may be JPEC PDF or video clippings month wise or year wise. This you can view any time any where.

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Creative Arts

Photography, painting, sketching, travelling are my hobbies. You can contact for photography for portfolio of infants and kids and stock pictures from my collection.


Seems to be very vague topic in this place of art and creativity. Myself a surgeon of over 20 years of experience. Its common for the patient and many clinicians to keep on rectifying the medical reports inspite of the fact that the patient is symptom free. You can ask for second opinion for that if some confusion arises. That opinion will be based on my clinical experience and may vary with other clinicians.





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Ayurveda is an Indian traditional system of treating human diseases but the sad part is that it is forgotten long back. Other countries now have recognised the potential of the ayurveda and from there our system is returning back to India. Soon planning to launch the mysticayurved.com which can offer various natural products to relieve various ailments and health boosters. Some of them may be procured from USA. Logo is also based on the mystic nature of the plant kingdom on which Ayurveda is dependent. Green represents the plants the only source of food on earth, blue represents sky and water. Blue clean sky represents fresh air and blue also represents water an essential ingredient for life on earth. Red, pink  and yellow represents colours of life and various antioxidants in nature mainly from plants, and brown represents mother nature earth supporting all these.

Teach General surgery to Dental Students.

For the last 10 years I am teaching General surgery to third year Dental students. For them here are few pis of medical instruments.

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